Panthers Moment No. 6: “ICE UP SON!”


Bring In Steve Smith Again for Our Top Panthers Moments

Welcome back to our Panthers Top Moments series, our countdown of the Panthers Top-25 moments to celebrate the team’s 25th season.

If you missed our post yesterday about Carolina’s dominance over the Arizona Cardinals to reach their second Super Bowl, you can check it out here.

Today we are covering one the greatest moments in the team’s meme history: Steve Smith telling Aqib Talib to “Ice up son!”

Setting the Scene

Week 11 against the New England Patriots set up to be a big game for the Panthers, as it would be the team’s first real test to see how far they had come in the Cam Newton era. The Panthers put up mediocre numbers against teams with winning records, but the team came in winning five in a row with all the confidence.

Things got chippy between Talib, who played his first few seasons in the NFC South with the Tampa Bay, against Smith. Following a completion midway through the first quarter to Smith, Smith got tangled up with Talib and both went at it. Smith continued to get under Talib’s skin throughout the contest until Talib left the contest with hip issues.

Carolina won the game following a touchdown completion to Ted Ginn Jr. and a controversial interception in the endzone by Panthers and “Agent 89” saved his best performance for the postgame interview with NFL Network.


The postgame went viral, and hands down one of the greatest quotable moments in the NFL this decade. Smith roasted Janoris Jenkins earlier in the season, but this moment takes the cake for the best moment for Smith during the 2013 season.

The win became instrumental in securing the division and the team reaching the playoffs from the first time since 2008. While the team lost to the 49ers in the divisional round of the playoffs, Many Panthers fans now added “Ice Up, Son!” to their lexicon.

Why It Ranks Here

To be honest, this is truly a great moment in the team’s 25-year history and we are very thrilled in the top-10, but it just missed out on the top-5 because there are moments with much more historical significance in terms of what it meant for the team.

That’s it for this entry, stay tuned tomorrow to our revelation of the first entry in the top-5 of our list.