North Carolina Tar Heels: Justin Jackson is Engaged

The world keeps turning for North Carolina Tar Heels star Justin Jackson. Now he has a fiancee.

North Carolina Tar Heels Justin Jackson has had a big year so far. First there was becoming ACC Player of the Year. Then there was winning the National Championship. Then he declared for the NBA Draft with the great likelihood of becoming a millionaire. We could not stop there though. No, not there.

Two days ago, Jackson proposed marriage to his girlfriend. Her name is Brooke Copeland and she plays college basketball too, except at Florida. There is probably a good story about how they met somewhere back there since the Texas native who plays for the Tar Heels and the Gators player does not seem like the most natural nexus. But good for them, here’s hoping they have a happy life together.

Jackson probably did his proposal as dramatically as he could given the circumstances. Copeland constantly texted him during the tournament, but was not around that much. The pictures of the moment show the two on a beach near sunset.

The most memorable sports proposal I can think of was probably the 2007 Fiesta Bowl when running back Ian Johnson made the final points of the game on the Statue of Liberty play. Soon afterward, the running back was mingling with the cheerleaders where he then popped the question his cheerleader girlfriend. No national title was at stake, but the bang-bang aspect of it made it memorable.

Jackson has a few advantages over Johnson in the timing department. Johnson still had two years of football to play and his draft status sadly declined over that time. Jackson’s rocket is still in the ascent and a first round selection in the NBA Draft would find him having sorted out his personal and professional lives to the point of dreaming bigger things.

Left behind Jackson are the 2018 Tar Heels, still waiting to see what happens to Tony Bradley and figuring out next year’s winning formula.