Carolina Panthers: List of Potential Free Agent Targets

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Jamaal Charles

Charles is another running back with injury issues, but he would be a relatively low risk move for the Panthers. Unlike Peterson, Charles would become the complementary back to Stewart. The idea would still be the same, keep the running threat high even when Stewart is not on the field. Has he lost a step? Why would I ask that?

Jairus Byrd

The Saints released Byrd because he just wasn’t doing it for them. The Panthers should look at Byrd because they secondary depth and it could be that New Orleans missed something here. At worst he becomes the third man in the rotation. At best he becomes a real alternative to Tre Boston.

Victor Cruz

Slot receiver is something the Panthers could use more of. This has been particularly true with the team needing to put Ted Ginn on the outside from time to time. Finding a good hands man to supplement Greg Olsen on the intermediate routes would give the Panthers more options for moving the ball down the field. The main concern with Cruz is recent injury.