Cam Newton: Still think he is a running back?

Cam Newton dominated the game versus San Francisco. After the win, nobody called him a running back. However, when the Carolina Panthers lose or Newton underperforms, the “Newton is a running back playing quarterback talk” generates.

Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton receives a great deal of criticism regarding his athleticism. After winning the NFL’s MVP last season, you would think that Cam Newton would have earned more respect from the media.

Well, he has not. Some people love to add fuel to the fire. When you do this in regards to Cam Newton, he gets lit! On this past Sunday, the Carolina Panthers defeated the San Francisco 49ers 46-29. Cam Newton led Carolina to victory behind his ridiculous stat line. Newton completed 24 of 40 passes for 353 yards with four touchdowns and one interception. In addition, Newton rushed six times for 37 yards.

Newton had an overall quarterback rating of 81.6. That’s fairly good. The irony here is that people criticize him for his athleticism.

Newton is a gifted athlete. Sure, he can run for 100 yards at will or if necessary, but he is fully capable of throwing for over 300 yards, also. In fact, Newton set a Carolina Panthers’ passing record with his 12th game for passing over 300 yards. He passed former Panthers’ quarterbacks Jake Delhomme and Steve Beuerlein, who had 11 games passing over 300 yards.

In Week One, Newton completed 18 of 33 passes for 194 yards, one touchdown and one interceptions. In addition, he ran 11 times for 54 yards and a touchdown in a 21-20 loss to the Denver Broncos. After the loss, some NFL critics labelled Newton as a running back. However, after the Week Two win, no such talk was taking place about Newton.

When Newton first entered the NFL, he was often compared to Michael Vick and other mobile quarterbacks. Vick and Newton have nothing in common outside of their race. Newton is a pocket quarterback who is a gifted and athletic runner. Although Vick had a great arm, he was a run-first quarterback.

As the reigning NFL MVP, you would think that Cam Newton would get the nod as being the best player or one of the best players in the NFL. In ESPN’s Fantasy Football preseason rankings, Cam Newton was not listed in the top 10. Aaron Rodgers is deemed the best quarterback in the NFL by many people. He has a Super Bowl to back up this argument in addition to off-the-charts.

Why do we have to consistently place football players in categories or label them? Why can’t we merely enjoy their God-given gifts as entertainment.

Possibly, Cam Newton will have to silence his critics by winning a Super Bowl. However, it should have to take this to happen for people to shut up. Newton’s talent and statistics should speak for themselves, though. Newton is a quarterback. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Check out every throw from Cam Newton in the Week Two Carolina Panthers’ win versus the San Francisco 49ers here: