Carolina Panthers: Playing in Los Angeles Next Season?


With the Raiders, Chargers, and Rams all aiming for LA, the Carolina Panthers might have road game there in 2016.

The Carolina Panthers have the distinction of playing both the NFC West and AFC West next season. That means that the Panthers will play all three teams who have suggested a move to Los Angeles. Those three teams are the San Diego Chargers, the Oakland Raiders, and the St. Louis Rams. All three filed for relocation to the greater Los Angeles area.

The Panthers have road trips to the Rams and the Raiders. Right now it does not seem definitive to say where those games will take place. The Raiders and the Chargers were working together on a proposal to share a complex in Carson, CA. Under that arrangement, one of the teams would probably change conferences. That could be a Seattle for San Diego swap if tradition means anything for that kind of move.

The Rams seem like they want to leave St. Louis at light speed. Their proposal to the NFL said that they would leave to build a world class facility in Inglewood, CA that could serve many purposes. At the same time the Rams basically said that football could not survive in St. Louis because it’s a two sport town masquerading as a three sport town. To hear the Rams tell it, football in St. Louis is a death sentence. Somehow it worked for 21 years but no longer.

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St. Louis is also the only city who attempted to keep their team with any sort of proposal.

As a longtime Hornets fan, I really do not like to see franchises uprooted. I was not a fan of the Thunder moving to Oklahoma City. This would be the second time that a football team will have left St. Louis. The Cardinals did so in the eighties.

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So if the Panthers do play in Los Angeles next year, I will shake my head and hope we beat whoever it is.

Neither the Rams, Raiders, nor Chargers made the playoffs this year.