Chris Duhon: Suspended at Marshall after DUI


Chris Duhon’s coaching career may be off to a rough start after a DUI in West Virginia.

Former Duke Guard Chris Duhon has been suspended from his assistant coaching position at Marshall University for a violation of team rules and policies. Those rules and policies relate to a DUI arrest of Duhon made early Monday.

Duhon was arrested for aggravated DUI around Barboursville, West Virginia.

Duhon is in his second season coaching under Marshall coach Dan D’Antoni, the brother of former Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni. Duhon joined the Marshall staff after retiring from the NBA after a career of nine years in the NBA. His career included a stint with the Lakers where he would have met and played for the D’Antoni brothers.

Duhon played for the Blue Devils in the early 2000s. He played sidekick to the current Jay Williams on the Duke 2001 National Title team. After the departure of Williams, Duhon manned the point guard position for the Devils at a time when the ACC featured the likes of Chris Paul, Jarrett Jack, Raymond Felton, and Steve Blake at the position.

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Duhon played the point for four teams in the NBA. He was with the Bulls until about the time they drafted Derrick Rose. He spent some time also with the Knicks, Magic, and Lakers serving as a part-time starter or a bench guy as circumstances warranted.

Duhon’s coaching career only spans Marshall’s 11-21 season last year. Though the Thundering Herd are known as a mid-major football power, they are not held in the same regard for basketball. Marshall was hoping that Dan D’Antoni could take the school back to the days when he was there as a player. That still might happen in the coming years, but it is too early to know if Duhon will be a part of that process.

Although Duhon is not in a good spot at the moment, the Coach K coaching tree seems alive at the moment. Chris Collins is building Northwestern as Steve Wojciechowski is trying to do the same at Marquette. Johnny Dawkins is at Stanford while Mike Bray is at Notre Dame.