Carolina Panthers: QB Injuries Clear the Road?


The fate of the Carolina Panthers may lie in the hands of its own quarterback, Cam Newton, but injuries to other quarterbacks could have an impact on how the Panthers’ season plays out. Two opposing quarterbacks in particular are Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys and Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints.

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With Brees and Romo, the Saints and Cowboys seem like fearsome teams. Without them, nobody knows for sure what they are. The Brandon Weeden Cowboys held off a rather lost looking Philadelphia Eagles team. The Saints, with a banged up Brees, were lit up by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after a week one loss.

Tony Romo suffered a broken clavicle in the game with the Eagles. He has opted to avoid surgery in order to return in about eight weeks. The eight week return cycle is an optimistic one. Romo missed more than ten games after a similar injury in 2010 and did not play at the end of that season.

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The Panthers play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, and that would be about the first game that Romo would be back for. So there is a chance that Romo’s injury will not cause the Panthers to face a Cowboys team missing Romo. They still stand a good chance of missing Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant who is expected to return from a foot injury that could take twelve weeks to recover from.

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  • More important to the Panthers in both the short and long term is the health of Brees. The Panthers share a division with the Saints and play them twice. The Saints were supposed to be the Panthers’ biggest competition in the division. After two weeks it has not materialized.

    Part of that is the status of Brees, who would take the field against the Panthers normally this week if he was healthy. Brees suffered a shoulder injury against Tampa Bay which could bench him for the Panthers game. Facing backup Luke McCown would make the Panthers’ lives easier even if Luke feels like a backup generator just waiting for a chance.

    Panthers fans will probably not learn about Brees’ status until kickoff on Sunday. If the Panthers are going to become a true playoff team, sometimes the ball has to bounce for you.

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