Carolina Panthers: The Key to the Houston Texans

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The Carolina Panthers enter week 2 of the season with their biggest test to date. Not just because it is the second of the season and the first game happened to be Jacksonville. No, the week two matchup against the Houston Texans will be important because it will expose how far the Panthers have come with the weakest unit on the offense, the offensive line.

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We watched as the Panthers went through the off season without making a major purchase at the tackle position. We watched Jonathan Martin come and go. We are watching Michael Oher now. We hope to be watching Daryl Williams when he gets back. The injured rookie is really the only attempt made to upgrade the tackle position for the long haul.

The Texans offer a stiff challenge to the Panthers offensive line. The challenge is not limited to Oher and the blind side, but exists up and down the 3-4 alignment that the Texans use.