Hakeem Nicks Getting a Look from Cowboys


Hakeem Nicks is getting a look by the NFL again. Nicks was cut by the Tennessee Titans in training camp, and it seemed he might not find a new home. Then fate stepped in the form of Week One injuries to big time names. In this case it was the injury to the Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant that has them looking for replacements.

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Nicks was one of a number of wideouts brought in by the Cowboys. Nicks’ best calling card is his experience, when he was a star player for the New York Giants. The down side to that is that Nicks has never quite been the same player after a foot surgery not dissimilar from the one that Bryant will have to undergo.

Nicks is still a good body at the position at 6’1” and around 210 pounds. He also still has those enormous hands that appear as though they could catch everything. The question has to be what kind of speed he has left after that foot injury. The Indianapolis Colts had him last and they did not feel compelled to resign him in the off-season. That is important too, because the Colts head coach is Chuck Pagano. Pagano was the defensive coordinator at North Carolina when Nicks was a player there.

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In fact it is interesting that Nicks did not end up back in Charlotte. He is from Independence High School, and if there is a quarterback in the league that needs big-handed receivers, it is Cam Newton and his hard throwing passes. The Panthers could certainly have used a bigger body than the two guys who are starting now, Ted Ginn and Corey Brown, particularly in short field and goaline situations. However the scouts must know something, since Nicks did not land on anyone’s roster after failing to make the Titans.

Wish you luck Hakeem. You could do worse than Tony Romo.

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