Report: Former Tar Heel kicker Jeff Reed booted from HOF Game


Former Tar Heel kicker Jeff Reed is in the news? I imagine that this can’t be good even if I have heard nothing about the guy since he was cut by the Steelers in favor of Shaun Suisham. Reed was cut by the Steelers because of missing too many kicks after eight years rather than his alcohol related issues.

So surprise surprise when Reed decided to go cheer his old team on in Canton, OH yesterday. Reed was indeed at the Hall of Fame game where the Steelers were playing the Minnesota Vikings. How do we know this? Because he got thrown out of the game for supposedly picking a fight with another fan.

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The identity of the other fan is not known, but it is speculated that it would be a Steelers fan. While it might make little sense for Steeler fans to pick at their former kicker, remember that Reed did not leave on the best terms with the team. I’m sure it would fairly easy to find something to needle him. Maybe a blown kick that cost a Vegas bet or a big game. Maybe there was an angry fantasy player who was upset about Reed’s production years ago. It could have been anything.

Reed was seen speaking to a sheriff outside the stadium after being plucked from the crowd. Reed’s own facebook account of the incident was that Reed removed himself voluntarily so he would not get involved with the heckler. He also commented that it was not much a game going on at the time.

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Reed’s replacement Suisham went down with a knee injury during the game. If is fair to think that they will make no attempt to bring Reed out of retirement to fill his shoes. Hopefully Reed will stay out of the spotlight for the time being unless he does something good.

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