Russell Wilson gets Paid by Seattle


Former NC State quarterback Russell Wilson finally came to terms on a contract extension with the Seattle Seahawks yesterday. The two sides worked to get a compromise in place before a self-imposed August 1st deadline. The result is that Wilson will be making about twenty-one million per year starting in 2016. More importantly for Wilson, the deal includes sixty million dollars of guaranteed money.

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Wilson’s contract will make him the second highest paid player in the league behind Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers starting in 2016. He will also be making comparable amounts of guaranteed money to Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, and Colin Kaepernick. Even better for Wilson, his contract will be up again when he should be at the tail end of his prime. That should give a chance for one more major payday.

It was important for the Seahawks to get this done so that talks would not extended over the course of the season. Seattle will now have to deal with a coming money crunch. Where Wilson was a mere 1.5 million against the cap this year, he will be twenty million more against the cap next year. That will limit Seattle’s ability to retain some of their defensive talent. Already they have had issues with Bruce Irvin and Michael Bennett over contract talks and Kam Chancellor has made noises about a contract holdout.

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This does not include linebacker Bobby Wagner becoming a free agent next year.
However the Seahawks handle the other situations, at least they their quarterback in place. They can now try to move money around him as opposed to trying to figure out how to replace him. Depending on how the cash balancing works, this upcoming season may be the last where the Seahawks are able to field as much depth on defense as we are accustomed to seeing these days.

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