Trying Times for Ty Lawson?


Former North Carolina Tar Heel Ty Lawson was pulled over for his second DUI arrest this year according to reports from TMZ. Lawson was arrested for speeding in California on the 101 Freeway yesterday morning. This continues a busy summer for the Denver Nuggets point guard.

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Lawson’s first problem is obviously the legal one. Lawson was also arrested for DUI near Denver, Colorado back in January. With this second arrest, it is time for Lawson to consider new safety measures to prevent him from getting in his car drunk.

Lawson has also spent much of the off season on the trading block. He was not a good fit for former coach Brian Shaw’s vision and it is unknown how he will fit with new coach Mike Malone. The Nuggets took talented prospect Emmanuel Mudiay in the NBA draft, and Mudiay plays the same position as Lawson.

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  • Earlier in the month, former Denver Nugget Chauncey Billups suggested that Lawson needed to be traded for two reasons. First reason, Billups said, is that Lawson was not a leader for the Nuggets.

    Secondly he believed that Lawson might benefit from a change of scenery. Billups would know something about both of those things. In fact Lawson’s greatest crime in this case may be that he is not Chauncey Billups.

    Billups’ comments have some truth in them. Lawson was exposed to a Tyler Hansbrough dominated team in Chapel Hill, or at least a Roy Williams dominated one. His time in Denver found him with George Karl. So it is hard to find an example of what Billups calls leadership off hand. Lawson did lead the Nuggets in scoring, but that does not equate to leadership.

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    As for new scenery, that might be tougher. Sacramento has his former coach, but they also have Rajon Rondo now. There were trade talks with the Pacers last year, but those came to nothing. Lawson would want to go to a place where he could start. The Brooklyn Nets have the position but not the trade assets.The Philadelphia 76ers might be an option, but not everyone has Hinkievision to know what the team is going to do next.

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