Report: Ed Davis Signs with Portland Trailblazers


Former Tar Heel Ed Davis has agreed to terms with the Portland Trail Blazers according to reports from Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski. Davis has reported signed a three year deal worth twenty million dollars.

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The first thing that I would notice with this signing is that Davis did not get the seven million a year that he wanted from the Lakers. This tells me that getting away from Los Angeles was a bigger deal than Davis let on at the time. The seeming proof of this is his contract with Portland. Three into twenty does not equal seven. It is not far off, but it is not seven.

The second thing that I would notice is that Portland is collecting quite the gang from Tobacco Road. They traded for Duke’s Gerald Henderson and Mason Plumlee. They have reportedly signed Wake Forest’s Al-Farouq Aminu. Now they have reported added North Carolina’s Davis.

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As for Ed Davis, it seems clear what he will add for the Blazers. His job will be to rebound and offer low post defense. Any scoring he provides would be gravy, particularly as it becomes harder to see what this Blazer team is going to look like. Davis, Aminu, and Plumlee all occupy roughly the same place on the offensive side of the court. Neither Plumlee nor Davis has a shooting game worth trusting from distance. Perhaps they hope Noah Vonleh will fill that role.

Still it looks more and more like the Blazers are preparing for life without Robin Lopez and LaMarcus Aldridge. Plumlee, Davis, and Vonleh are a whole wave of new big men. The Blazers still need to figure out Chris Kaman. He is under contract of five million next year.

With Davis signed, another Tar Heel has found a home. We have Danny Green back with the Spurs. Brandan Wright is now with the Grizzlies. Reggie Bullock got shipped to the Pistons. Busy times.

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