Carolina Panthers Twenty Bracket Seifert Region Round 2

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2 Seed MARTY HURNEY over 7 Seed Jeff Mitchell

Mitchell falls for the same reason that Hoover and Campbell did. The other guy just had more impact over all. Hurney built the Fox era Panthers and laid some of the groundwork for the Rivera era Panthers. With a decade of influence, this is more than enough to defeat Mitchell.

3 Seed MIKE MINTER over 6 Seed Brentson Buckner

Two defensive stalwarts who played important roles in the Panthers’ Super Bowl run. Longevity seems to be winning out so far in this region, and this is no different. Minter was a fixture in the secondary both before and after Buckner. This length of time will earn him a matchup against Marty Hurney in the next round.

Tomorrow we will move on to the Fox Region and get one step closer to resolution.

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