Carolina Panthers Twenty Bracket: Results Seifert Region Round 1

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2 Seed MARTY HURNEY over 15 Seed Doug Evans

Face it, you didn’t remember Doug Evans. The architect of the Fox Era and the guy who drafted Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly is an easy call here. Hurney was the general manager during the period when the Panthers had their most extensive level of success.

7 Seed JEFF MITCHELL over 10 Seed Patrick Jeffers

This case is a lot like the case for Campbell over Robinson. Jeffers had one great year for the Panthers and that was it. Mitchell anchored the offensive line during the Super Bowl run. Mitchell is another guy who probably belongs in a different region, but he is in the second round here.

3 Seed MIKE MINTER over 14 Seed Deon Grant

For a long time Minter was king of the Panthers secondary. He was good before Grant got there and he remained with the Panthers after Grant had left for more money. As the third seed, Minter is well primed for a deep run in this region.

6 Seed BRENTSON BUCKNER over 11 Seed George Seifert

Did Seifert make it? No. Buckner would help form the best defensive line in Panthers history, and much of that occurred after Seifert was gone. Seifert’s time as head coach was just sort of bland. Nothing really happened, and it ended with a 1-15 boom.