Carolina Panthers Twenty Bracket: Results Seifert Region Round 1

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Jan 12, 2014; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith (89) celebrates a touchdown against the San Francisco 49ers during the first half of the 2013 NFC divisional playoff football game at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

1 Seed STEVE SMITH over 16 Seed Chris Weinke

Explaining why I would take Steve Smith over the Preseason Assassin really does not have to take that long. Steve Smith set records. Weinke won his first NFL game, and then did not win any more that season. It will take a lot to beat Smitty, and this region may not have the answer.

8 Seed MATT CAMPBELL over 9 Seed Eugene Robinson

If there is one failing with this bracket, it is the lack of media figures. Where are the Bill Rosinkskis, Mick Mixons, Top Cats, and Sir Purr? They weren’t on the field. Robinson was not as impactful a player as Campbell was. Campbell was with the team longer including its first playoff appearance. He was on the field as a Panther more. A ranking of the best names to play for the Panthers would look completely different, with Reggie White as the overall number one seed.

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13 Seed RICHARD WILLIAMSON over 4 Seed Mike Rucker

Remember that rant about people not being on the field? Forget it for now. Williamson was only WRs coach the Panthers had until deep into the Fox era. He mentored Smith and Muhsin Muhammad and got production out of Patrick Jeffers, Keyshawn Johnson, and Ricky Proehl among others. Rucker probably wishes that he had been ranked lower in order to get a more favorable matchup.

5 Seed BRAD HOOVER over 12 Seed Sean Gilbert

Gilbert is the defining player of the Seifert era. He was the great risk, and it did not pan out for the Panthers. Give me the hard nosed fullback any day. Hoover became a big part of the following Fox era while Gilbert was overshadowed and replaced. Gilbert was a disappointment. Hoover overachieved. Brad is moving on.