Carolina Panthers Twenty Bracket Fox Region

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Fox Region: 5 Seed Dan Henning vs 12 Seed Todd Sauerbrun

Fifth Seed – Dan Henning

Henning took over as offensive coordinator when Fox took over as coach. He ran the conservative run happy Fox offense, but Henning had a much deeper profile than that. He had been the offensive coordinator for the 1987-8 Washington Redskins, who had prospered with a balanced scheme based on a stout offensive line. Henning knew when to call big plays, and Delhomme and Steve Smith would usually deliver. Even Henning needed a quarterback though. As Delhomme faced injury, Henning’s offense sputtered. Henning was unfairly replaced in 2007. He took the wildcat concept with him to Miami.

Twelfth Seed – Todd Sauerbrun

Early in Sauerbrun’s time with the Panthers, the punt coverage team was one of the worst in the League. Part of that may have been Sauerbrun’s ability to simply out kick his coverage. Football is a battle of field position, and Sauerbrun tried to keep the Panthers in good places on defense if the offense sputtered. Then Sauerbrun was named in a steroids scandal and traded to Denver.