Carolina Panthers Twenty Bracket Fox Region

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Fox Region 3 Seed Jake Delhomme vs 14 Seed Chris Harris

Third Seed – Jake Delhomme

The Panthers quarterback during the majority of the Fox was Jake Delhomme, the well thought of backup who had done some nice things for the Saints. He was signed as a free agent in the second year of Fox and did not beat out incumbent Rodney Peete in training camp. However Delhomme was not at his best in practice. He was at his best in games. He brought the Panthers back from a halftime deficit to beat the Jaguars in his first outing. Delhomme was not the biggest or strongest, but he made up for in savvy, and he would have been the Super Bowl XXXVIII MVP if things had gone a different way. He never quite came back from Tommy John surgery which ended his time with the Panthers.

Fourteenth Seed – Chris Harris

Chris Harris missed the Super Bowl run, but he was brought in to replace Mike Minter. He had eight forced fumbles in 2007. After a three year run, Harris returned to Chicago again. He was one of those hard-nosed hittin safeties.