Carolina Panthers Twenty Bracket Seifert Region

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Seifert Region 6 Seed Brentson Buckner vs 11 Seed George Seifert

Sixth Seed – Brentson Buckner

The talkative defensive tackle was an addition to the team in the last Seifert year. Buckner was more important to the coming Fox years when he would team with Rucker, Kris Jenkins, and Julius Peppers. Buckner topped out with five sacks in 2002, but always ate space in the 4-3 alignment.

Eleventh Seed – George Seifert

Seifert had two Super Bowl rings when he was ousted from the 49ers and he looked to replicate that success with the Panthers. However Seifert was a 4-3 coach handed 3-4 personnel. He also tried to install the West Coast Offense, but generally lacked the weapons to do it. At quarterback he relied on Steve Beuerlein until his last year. His attempt to hand the offense to Bill Musgrave also fell flat. Seifert began his time as one of the most successful coaches in League history and ended it less than that.