Carolina Panthers Twenty Bracket Seifert Region

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Seifert Region 3 Seed Mike Minter vs 14 Seed Deon Grant

Third Seed – Mike Minter

It is so nice having a clear cut guy in this bracket. Minter had a pretty long career that extended into the Fox era. He led the team in tackles during the 2003 Super Bowl campaign and often had sixty tackles or more in a season. He had a reputation as a hitter. Minter was a leader on the field and played much of the Super Bowl with a broken foot. Minter is currently the head coach of the Campbell Camels.

Fourteenth Seed – Deon Grant

Grant was Minter’s partner in the secondary during the last Seifert year and the early Fox years. Grant left the Panthers after the Super Bowl appearance. He is probably on this list for what might have been as much as what he did.