Carolina Panthers Twenty Bracket Seifert Region

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Seifert Region 2 Seed Marty Hurney vs 15 Seed Doug Evans

Second Seed – Marty Hurney

Hurney was the general manager for the Panthers during their most successful run, the Fox era. However his connection to the team extends back a bit further than that, having already appeared on the scene as Director of Football Operations.

Hurney has become a divisive figure at times. There are those who swear by him, and those who blame him for all the Panthers ills. The truth is most likely somewhere in between. He is responsible for the accumulation of talent that led to the Panthers only Super Bowl appearance. He is also responsible for trading for some draft busts.

Hurney was fired during the Rivera era in a move designed to motivate the team, albeit at the expense of Hurney.

Fifteenth Seed – Doug Evans

One of the strange issues of having secondary troubles these days is that the Panthers have usually had good corners. The original combo of Eric Davis and Doug Evans was a working tandem that held together for about three years. Evans was overvalued perhaps, but his contributions are pertinent to the Seifert era unlike other players on this list.