Carolina Panthers Twenty Bracket Seifert Region

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Seifert Region 5 Seed Brad Hoover vs 12 Seed Sean Gilbert

Fifth Seed – Brad Hoover

Hoover is another player who began his career in the Seifert era, but is much better known for what he was a part of in the Fox era. Hoover came in as a tail back from Western Carolina, but was moved to full back at the beginning of the Fox era. There he found his calling, blocking for Stephen Davis, DeShaun Foster, DeAngelo Williams, and Jonathan Stewart. A fan favorite, he would get the “Hoov” chant when he was involved. He retired in 2009 having only played for the Panthers.

Twelfth Seed – Sean Gilbert

Gilbert is arguably the player than most defines this era. The Panthers tried to add a star piece to their defense to get back to the playoffs, but it never quite worked. The Panthers never got back the draft picks they lost to get Gilbert. Gilbert had six sacks his first season but production fell off and his five years with the Panthers ended in 2002.