Carolina Panthers Twenty Bracket Seifert Region

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Seifert Region 4 Seed Mike Rucker vs 13 Seed Richard Williamson

Fourth Seed – Mike Rucker

Rucker is best known for being on the defensive line that was so dominant in the early Fox years. However Rucker’s time with the Panthers had started two years before. He had ten sacks in 2002 and twelve in 2003 during the Super Bowl campaign. Injuries took their hold on Rucker in later years, but he spent his entire career in a Panthers uniform.

Thirteenth Seed – Richard Williamson

Williamson was brought as wide receivers coach by Dom Capers and later became offensive coordinator under George Seifert when Bill Musgrave suddenly resigned. When Seifert got the boot a year later, Williamson stayed on as receivers coach for John Fox. The longest serving assistant for the Panthers, Williamson retired in 2010 towards the end of the John Fox era. He worked with Muhsin Muhammad and Steve Smith for much of their careers.