JP Tokoto and the Second Round


The lone Tar Heel in the NBA Draft pool this year is JP Tokoto. His departure after his junior year was kind of a surprise, but perhaps Tokoto could see the handwriting on the wall. Less minutes and more people to share rotation time with were in his future. He decided to break out and control what he could about his draft stock.

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Tokoto is considered to be a second round pick in mock drafts. The second round is a little different than the first round because the contracts are no longer guaranteed. It gives teams the ability to take flyers on players that may not fit nicely now, but will later.

That is what Tokoto is hoping for. He is hoping some team will see his athleticism and think that they can polish some skills on that. You can attempt to teach shooting, but you cannot teach a guy to jump out of the gym.

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The best thing that Tokoto could do is to go to a team that has a good record of developing players like him. The best thing for Tokoto would be defensive minded coaches with established weapons. Memphis, Atlanta, and San Antonio would be good fits for that reason. Brooklyn has Lionel Hollins, and therefore could also be a fit. To a lesser extent Charlotte, where shooting is a premium right now.

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  • If I was Tokoto, I would want to be taken at 59, 55, 50, or 41 to get on one of those teams.
    Another option for Tokoto might be one of the plentiful second round picks of the Philadelphia 76ers. The youthful Sixers would allow Tokoto to earn playing time right away since his competition would not be too much similar to himself.

    If he wants to learn how to shoot then Orlando and Milwaukee might be good choices. Coach Scott Skiles was a good shooter while Coach Jason Kidd developed his shot over time as Tokoto may have to do.
    Tomorrow will be a look for the last man left, Trevor Lacey.

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