Carolina Panthers Twenty Bracket: Capers Region

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Capers Region 4 Seed Sam Mills vs 13 Seed Muhsin Muhammad

Fourth Seed – Sam Mills

The diminutive linebacker was the field general for the Panthers defense in the first few years. He came over from the New Orleans Saints and showed that he still had some game in him. He made the Pro Bowl in the 1996 playoff year. He then became the linebacker coach, hanging around with the team until taken by cancer. It is from Mills that the phrase Keep Pounding was intended. Mills is also the only player with a statue in front of Bank of America Stadium

Thirteenth Seed – Muhsin Muhammad

The tall strong wide receiver was taken in the third round of the receiver rich 1996 draft. He brought a physicality to the position that became important for the Panthers ground game. He was also the leading Panther receiver for years before finally overtaken by Steve Smith. In another region he would have been better than thirteenth. He would have his big day in Super Bowl XXXVIII.