Carolina Panthers Twenty Bracket Challenge


For twenty years the Carolina Panthers have existed as an NFL franchise. From their first season in Clemson to their Super Bowl run to the current Riverboat Ron era, the Carolina Panthers have rolled on. The question is, who has been most important in the history of the Panther franchise. To determine this we will create a 64 item bracket from all of Panther history.

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One region will be the Ron Rivera region. One region will be the John Fox region. A third region will be the Dom Capers region. The last region would have to be the George Seifert region. I will gather 16 players, coaches, executives or ownership and rank 1-16. Then I will walk through the regions until a winner is decided.

Tomorrow I will unveil the four regions. If there is overlap, I will only use a player or coach once. For instance, Jonathan Stewart played for both Fox and Rivera but I will only include him in one of those regions.

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  • So this will determine the ultimate Carolina Panther. Sure some of you are thinking that you already how this is going to play out, but let’s let the process work, shall we? You may be surprised what it takes to get there.

    Disagreement will probably abound, and that is cool. So one region will be introduced every day and then we will start playing the games. Each region will take two days to get from 16 to the regional champ. Then the regional champs will be pitted against each other. The Capers champ will face the Seifert champ. The Fox Champ will face the Rivera champ. Then there will be one final match.

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    So start brainstorming. Is Cam Newton more important than Luke Kuechly? Was Kevin Greene more important than Lamar Lathon? Was Kris Jenkins more important than Julius Peppers? All of these are potential questions that could come up in the coming days.