Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill gets paid: Effect on Newton?


The Carolina Panthers received some bad news on Monday. This was news that the Miami Dolphins had come to terms on a contract extension with quarterback Ryan Tannehill. It was a four year extension that will pay him $77 million dollars. Quick math says that is $19 million per year, which is pretty much top tier quarterback money.

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Perhaps you are wondering how the Dolphins extending their quarterback has any kind of relevance for the Carolina Panthers.

It has to do with the quarterback market and the value of Cam Newton. Newton should be seen as more valuable than Tannehill, which means that negotiations with Newton now have a floor of $19 million a year.

Before the Tannehill deal, the Panthers’ floor for a Newton negotiation was the Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick contracts. Those deals were more flexible in the first couple seasons of the contract. Dalton would only have made around $12 million a year the first two seasons. The last six years of Dalton’s deal could net him $16 million a year.

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Now the Panthers will be handcuffed by Tannehill. Tannehill has no playoff experiences in his limited experience. He broke 4,000 passing yards this year. The Dolphins decided that was worth $19 million to them. Granted they wanted Tannehill signed before Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson pushed the ceiling of the market up too much.

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  • Newton has made two playoff runs and he was instrumental in both. He also has two NFC South Championships, which is two more than Tannehill has achieved. Therefore it stands to reason that Newton is in for a bigger pay day than Tannehill is.

    Since Newton is the biggest financial decision that the Panthers have to make, his negotiations tie up everything else that the Panthers might want to do. Getting that fixed just became a little harder today.

    Outside the Panthers, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson also made some money today.

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