Carolina Panthers could go Tackle, WR on Day 2


It’s day 2 of the draft for the Carolina Panthers. They took Shaq Thompson as the weak side linebacker of the present and probably strong side linebacker of the future. Now we are in rounds two and three and the Panthers need to get back to brass tacks.

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It will be a conventional approach too, as Dave Gettleman said that the Panthers would not trade up in the second and third rounds. Trading up in the second and third rounds was a Marty Hurney tactic that he took grief for as the Panthers traded future picks of higher value for pieces like Appalachian State’s Armanti Edwards and Florida State’s Everette Brown.

So the Panthers are sitting at 57 and 89 looking to answer questions that they did not answer last night. Those questions are on the offensive line and in the wide receiver corps.

The Panthers need to hit the line first. The 57th pick is a loooooong way into the second round. Hopefully the guys that the Panthers talked to before the draft will be there. In fact the remaining linemen that the Panthers talked to mostly had draft grades lower than the second round. Maybe I am just getting punchy.

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My preference in wide receivers also puts me at odds with the characters that the Panthers will be looking at. East Carolina’s Justin Hardy and Duke’s Jamison Crowder are good players but both are smaller than six foot. I feel the Panthers need a Muhsin Muhammad clone on the other side from our number one target.

Hardy would be a good compliment to Benjamin is a route running sense. Hardy could roam the mid field like a poor man’s Wes Welker, adding an additional layer to areas that Greg Olsen prospers off of. The problem is that Ted Ginn does not fit my Muhammad role either. I guess I will have to get over it.

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