Philip Rivers Will Not Be Traded at NFL Draft


Philip Rivers is not being traded by San Diego Chargers to the Tennessee Titans in this draft. Thank goodness. It was always a terrible idea based on trading a bird in the hand for a younger one in the bush. If the Indianapolis Colts had not pulled off the Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck switch, I don’t think the Chargers would ever have seriously considered this.

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To catch you up, the Chargers have been one of at least three teams that been talking to the Titans about a trade for the number two pick in the draft. Most people take that as code for a team moving up to draft Marcus Mariota. The crazy thing is that the package included Rivers.

I can’t blame the Titans having interest in Rivers. The guy us still playing at a Pro Bowl level. The Titans would have time to develop Zach Mettenberger behind him. The Titans are coached by Ken Whisenhunt, who was the offensive coordinator at San Diego before taking the Titans head coaching job. If you can get a franchise quarterback with the number two pick, you do it.

Now those talks appear to be dead. However it is not sanity that appears to have reigned. Rather the two teams each wanted to leverage a little more out of the deal. Those additional items are what broke the talks down.

The only real winner in such a deal would be Philip Rivers’ travel schedule. The Alabama native and NC State alum lives in Nashville, Tennessee. A Titans trade would make his family life easier.

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I guess it is to the credit of Marcus Mariota that everyone seems to believe that he is the real deal. That is everybody who is not the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who still are projected to take Jameis Winston with the number one pick.

The Titans are still suspected to trade the number two pick to somebody, maybe the Browns or Eagles, for a boatload of stuff. There should be lots of drama in that first half hour of the draft.

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