Predicting The 2015 Carolina Panthers Season


Jan 3, 2015; Charlotte, NC, USA; The Carolina Panther statue outside the stadium before the 2014 NFC Wild Card playoff football game between the Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Every offseason we get to see the schedule for our favorite team, and it is either a reaction of hope or dread.  The Carolina Panthers, and their fans, have to be full of hope for next season, after they see the schedule that was given to them.

They will have a tough stretch, but for the most part the schedule should be easy enough to allow them to win more games this year, and also get them back to the playoffs.  Below, I will go over each game, and give my reason for predicting the game the way I did.

SEP 13 1:00 PM EDT:  At  Jacksonville Jaguars

Panthers Record (0-0)

The Jaguars have improved their roster, ever so slightly, but they are still without a good quarterback, and their defense is not something that should scare the Panther’s offense.  This game should be easily won by the Panthers.  Panthers Win!

SEP 20 1:00 PM EDT:  Houston Texans

Panthers Record (1-0)

The Texans are a team that lacks a good quarterback, and they rely heavily on J.J. Watt to motivate the defense to play hard.  If the Panthers take Watt out of the game on offense, and their defense finds ways to force turnovers, then the Panthers will win.  I think that the Panthers will do just that.  Panthers Win!

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  • SEP 27 1:00 PM EDT:  New Orleans Saints

    Panthers Record (2-0)

    The Saints were a team that was stuck in cap hell so much, that they traded Jimmy Graham, their best target for Drew Brees, and he was the one target that was a problem for the Panthers.  As long as the Panthers can get the crowd into it and get pressure on Brees, they will win, and I do believe they will do so.  Panthers Win!

    OCT 4 1:00 PM EDT:  At Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Panthers Record (3-0)

    The Buccaneers will no doubt grab a top quarterback with the first pick in the draft this year, and that will automatically upgrade their weakest position.  I think this game will be a difficult game, and one that will stay close throughout the whole game.

    If the Panthers get pressure on the Buccaneers’ young quarterback, and they limit their mistakes offensively, they will win.  I think that the Panthers will do just that, and experience will trump inexperience.  Panthers Win!

    Quarter Season Review

    At this point in the season the Panthers are 4-0, and fans are happy about the team and their direction.  The only problem is the tough stretch that is ahead, and it is a very tough one.  I expect the media will talk about it a lot, and if we are undefeated at the quarter season mark, then it will be talked about by everyone in the NFL when they mention the Panthers.

    OCT 11 Bye Week

    Panthers Record (4-0)

    This bye week is very generous, because it allows some rest before the tough stretch that the Panthers will face over the next 4 weeks.  It will also help the Panthers get ready for the toughest game of the year, for them, against the Seattle Seahawks, in Seattle.  Hopefully the Panthers can figure out a way to pull out a victory over the team that has continually found a way to win against them.

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  • OCT 18 4:05 PM EDT:  At Seattle Seahawks

    Panthers Record (4-0)

    The Panthers have always seemed to have the Seahawks on the ropes, in the regular season games they have played against them the last few seasons, but still came away with a loss.  Fumbles at key times, and the inability to move the football down the field, have cost them in every game they have played against the Seahawks.  If Carolina can find a way to move the ball and not turn the ball over, then they will win, but I do not see that happening in this game at Seattle.  Panthers Lose!

    OCT 25 8:30 PM EDT:  Philadelphia Eagles

    Panthers Record (4-1)

    The Eagles will be a team that the Panthers know will be looking to try to outscore them, not grind it out with them.

    If the Eagles keep Sam Bradford as their quarterback, I think the Panthers will be in a comfortable position, because they know the one way to make Bradford play terrible.  The secret is just to get to him before he has time to set his feet, and throw the ball.  Bradford is prone to mistakes, and I think that the Panthers will find a way to make him turn the ball over, and the Panthers will move the ball against the Eagles not so great defense.  Panthers Win!

    NOV 2 8:30 PM EDT:  Indianapolis Colts

    Panthers Record (5-1)

    The Colts will be a tough team for the Panthers because they have a very good quarterback, Andrew Luck, who can burn their secondary when he gets time to throw the ball.  Just like in all the games this season, the key is whether the Panthers get to the quarterback during the game, to force him into uncomfortable situations.  Problem is Luck is still good in difficult situations.

    If the Panthers can force Luck into a few bad decisions, and the Panthers move the ball very well against a suspect Colts’ defense, they will win.  I believe they will do just that ,and win back to back prime time games.  Panthers Win!

    NOV 8 1:00 PM EDT:  Green Bay Packers

    Panthers Record (6-1)

    The Panthers have a problem stopping mobile quarterbacks, and Aaron Rodgers is one of the most famous ones, in the NFL of today.  Rodgers is a spectacular quarterback, and he is experienced enough to burn a bad secondary.  Good thing for the Panthers is that their secondary is better than the last one that Rodgers faced, not to mention their front seven is the best in the NFL (yeah I said it, and I mean it, show me where I am wrong).

    I think that Carolina will make Rodgers have nightmares for the rest of the season, and that the Panthers find a way to move the ball against an average Packers’ defense.  Panthers Win!

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  • Half Season Review

    At the half way point of the season, I think that the local media is going crazy with how good the team is playing, and they will start mentioning Super Bowl or bust.  I think that the national media is starting to take notice of how good the team is, and Cam Newton will get some more national spotlight for how he is leading the team.  A 7-1 start to the season would be the best start under the Ron Rivera and Cam Newton regime.

    NOV 15 1:00 PM EDT:  At Tennessee Titans

    Panthers Record (7-1)

    I think this game will be one of those games where the team that should win, will go into the game, and realize that the team they are playing is still good enough to beat them.  The brutal part of the schedule will take its toll on the Panthers, and by their game against the Titans, they will be wore out, and show signs of it, and they will slack off in this game.  I fear that the local media and national media, will begin to question the Panthers after this game.  Panthers Lose!

    NOV 22 1:00 PM EDT:  Washington Redskins

    Panthers Record (7-2)

    The Panthers will be looking to take out a week of frustration on the Redskins, and I think that the Redskins will have no answer for it.  The Redskins will not have the offense to best the Panthers defense, which will be playing even harder following their loss the week before, and I think the Redskins offense will struggle to score period.  The Redskins defense will not stop a Cam Newton led Panthers offense.  Panthers Win!

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    NOV 26 Thanksgiving Day 4:30 PM EDT:  At Dallas Cowboys

    Panthers Record (8-2)

    The Cowboys are a team that is built on allowing Tony Romo time to throw the ball, and it shows when looking at their offensive line, because they have some studs there.  I think, however, that the Panthers will find a way to turn Romo, into the Romo we all know and love, in late game situations.

    I think, however, that the Panthers will beat the Cowboys pretty good, at their home, and not even allow Romo the ability to last to a late game situation.  I predict a two touchdown, or more, win at Dallas.  Panthers win in their first turkey day game!

    Dec 6 1:00 PM EDT:  At New Orleans Saints

    Panthers Record (9-2)

    Last year the Panthers devastated the Saints, at the Saints home, and they will be looking to correct that.  In this game, the Saints will feed off the home crowd, and Drew Brees will torch the Panthers secondary.  This game will be Newton’s worse game of the year.  Panthers Lose!

    Three Quarter Season Review

    The Panthers are sitting good in the NFC playoff hunt, and are leading their division by more than 2 games.  The team is feeling good, and they are playing the best that they have under Rivera.  The Panthers are looking more and more like a contender, in the eyes of the national media.

    Dec 13 1:00 PM EDT:  Atlanta Falcons

    Panthers Record (9-3)

    I have the Panthers undefeated so far at home, and I think that it will stay that way after this game, because I believe the crowd feeds the defense while they are on the field.  If the defense comes to play, and makes Matt Ryan eat dirt like they have in the past, then they will lead the Panthers to a win.  The Panthers should also have no problem moving the ball, against a very weak Atlanta defense.  Panthers Win!

    Dec 20 1:00 PM EDT:  At New York Giants

    Panthers Record (10-3)

    The Panthers will have another one of those games like they did against the Titans, where they come into the game thinking it should be a fairly easy game, and they will be looking past the Giants, and at the game against Atlanta, at Atlanta. The Panthers will struggle on defense, and the offense will struggle against a fairly good Giants defense.  Panthers Lose!

    Dec 27 1:00 PM EDT:  At Atlanta Falcons

    Panthers Record (10-4)

    This game will be a game that will test the Panthers, and their ability to manage themselves with a good record against what, I think, will be the team that is chasing them in the standings of the division.  I believe Ron Rivera will have the team motivated to play, and that the defense shows up when they need it to.  Panthers Win!

    Jan 3 1:00 PM EDT:  Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Panthers Record (11-4)

    The Panthers will show up once again, and prove in this game that they are not to be messed with, by beating the Buccaneers by more than 3 touchdowns.  I see some rest for Newton and key players in this game, and some time to start thinking about what could be in the future for the Panthers in the playoffs.  Panthers Win!

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  • End Of Season Review

    The Panthers will finish the season with a 12-4 record, and this will be the coming out season for Newton and Rivera, as far as leadership goes.

    I believe the Panthers draft this year will pay off when the season hits the difficult stretch.

    I believe the only reason the Panthers lose outside of the Seattle game, is because of a lack of focus from the team.  If the team puts it together, as I predict they will, I think they will be the number one team in the NFC.

    Hopefully my prediction comes true, and it allows the Panthers the ability to bring home a Super Bowl.  I have left a poll below for you guys to give your input on how many games you think the Panthers will win.  GO PANTHERS!