Steve Smith T Minus 2 and Counting


Hey, Steve Smith may only ever play the Panthers once so we might as well get out money’s worth out of it. Here some interesting Steve Smith related news stories that I have seen on the internet.

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1.Steve Smith Has a Favorite Quarterback

Smith has played with Pro Bowlers and No Bowlers over the years. He just finished playing with Super Cam Newton when he was at the end of his stint in Carolina. He has also played with the best player in the League, also known as Joe Flacco, this year. So which of these guys is his favorite quarterback ever? Neither.

Smith still holds a special place for Jake Delhomme as reported by Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun. Delhomme is the only quarterback who took Smith to a Super Bowl, and that clinches it for Smith. If you follow the link, there is also a cute video at the bottom though my favorite will always be the end of the “Show Me The Chicken“.

2.DeAngelo Williams is prepared for “Blood and Guts”

Williams took questions yesterday while wearing protective goggles that he normally dons when he rides his ATV. Williams claimed he was just getting ready for the game against Smith. To those present he tried to pull the Eric Dickerson homage, but nobody was buying that.

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  • 3.Steve Smith plans to retire as a Panther

    This doesn’t seem that shocking. It does not mean a prolonged return of Smith, more likely a one day contract and press conference deal. Remember Steve Beuerlein retired as a Panther and it was almost unnoticed. When Smith decides to do it, we will notice.

    In his words, “When that time comes, I’ll be able to walk back in those doors and retire as a Panther and have the respect and not have such a split and not allow the few individuals in their temporary residence there to alter a decade of what I’ve done and experienced in that great organization. … I was there 13 years, and the way I look at it and what I was told, I’ll be there a lot longer than they will.”

    Ashley Fox of ESPN reported the above quote and her article also suggested Smith’s anger toward the team was directed primarily at ‘newcomers,’ meaning not the Richardsons.

    Why do we have to play Steve Smith?