Not Scared of Steve Smith? You Will Be


“Blood and Guts.” That is what Steve Smith promised when he was released, signed with the Ravens, and noted that the Panthers meet the Ravens in week four.

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While the Panthers have been underplaying the sentiment all week, it does not change the fact that Steve Smith has marked us for death. Can he deliver? Let’s look at some Steve Smith history.

Some of those comments have been by made corners that claimed to have Smith’s number. DeAngelo Hall, then with the Atlanta Falcons, called any scores Smith had on him flukes. In 2007, Smith used that remark to get under Hall’s skin. Hall was flagged for 37 yards in penalties on the drive that tied the game before engaging in a fight with Smith. Panthers won 27-20.

In 2013, Aqib Talib was proving to be a shutdown corner for the Patriots, but he had some history with Smith when Talib faced him in Tampa. Smith again used that motivation tool until Talib twisted his ankles around. Smith kicked at Talib, but it was Talib who was flagged for unnecessary roughness. In a close game the Panthers beat the Patriots.

In 2003, the Panthers were on the road playing the St. Louis Rams in the divisional round of the NFC playoffs. The game was in its second overtime when somebody decided just to give it to Smith. Jake Delhomme threw a pretty ball that Steve Smith took the rest of the way for a 69 yard touchdown and a Panther victory.

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  • My favorite example of Smith delivering was in a game the Panthers lost, the 2005 NFC Championship game. With Nick Goings hurt, the Panthers offense stalled to nothingness. At one point, either the coaches decided to let Steve Smith return a punt or Steve asked for the chance. Either way, he took it back to the end zone. It was Smith at his most clutch.

    So Steve Smith, having a good year, with Joe Flacco throwing the ball, and saying “Blood and Guts.” If I was the Panthers I would be very afraid. Because Steve Smith delivers. Geez, I love Steve Smith.