4 Panthers Lessons from Ravens vs Steelers


On Thursday night, the Baltimore Ravens played the Pittsburgh Steelers in Baltimore. This marks the second straight week where two teams that the Carolina Panthers will meet this season faced off on Thursday night. This one will have a little more immediate significance, as the Steelers come to Charlotte next week. Let’s look at some lessons from Ravens vs Steelers.

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1.Both offenses can be kept out of the end zone.

The Steelers and Ravens entered the game with defenses that were not considered to be the strong units on their teams and both settled for a lot of field goals anyway. The Panthers defense should be tougher than either of them, and therefore that is a good sign for Carolina.

2.The Ravens ran the ball, without Ray Rice
The three man front of the Steelers attracts the idea of power running and the Ravens delivered, getting 96 yards from Bernard Pierce on 22 carries. Justin Forsett added 56 more. That tells the Panthers two things. One, they need to shut down this new Ravens rush attack. Two, they need to attack the Pittsburgh defense in a similar fashion with Williams and Stewart.

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  • 3.Elvis is in the building

    Ravens Linebacker/Defensive End Elvis Dumervil is almost purely a pass rushing specialist these days, but the Steelers offensive line could not stop him from getting two sacks in limited action. Why does Dumervil deserve this much attention? The Steelers line is constructed like the Panthers line. Dumervil rushes from the outside, against our inexperienced tackles.

    4.Steve Smith is still good

    Smith had 71 yards receiving and received more targets from Flacco than any other Baltimore receiver. He also had that same energy and enthusiasm that he always played with. Rumor is that he is really looking forward to playing us. Darn you, Steve Smith, I cannot make myself hate you.