Cam Newton Has Hair Line Rib Fracture


AP Writer Steve Reed reported on Sunday that Cam Newton suffered a hair line rib fracture in Friday’s game against the New England Patriots. Newton was kneed while scrambling for yards. According to Coach Ron Rivera, the knee contacted in a small place not covered by the flak jacket. Newton will not play against Pittsburgh, but Coach Rivera was hopeful that he would be back for week 1 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It is possible that recovery from this injury could cause Newton to miss that game.

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Rivera noted that Newton was ‘sore and hurting’ on Sunday. The first effect of this is to put the quarterback decision in flux for Pittsburgh on Thursday. Derek Anderson’s wife could have a baby at any moment, which means that he might miss Thursday to be at the birth according to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer. That would leave Fightin’ Joe Webb as the first available option for Pittsburgh. Webb might play the entire game in that situation.

Rivera also hinted that the Panthers might retain a third quarterback for the regular season, Webb in this case. This also would one less roster spot for someone else.

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  • There has been much concern in Washington over Robert Griffin’s reluctance to slide, and I think that idea will get tossed around here in the coming week. Newton’s arm is still his most dangerous weapon, and it only works if it is on the field. However I do not want to neuter Cam Newton.

    I believe a player performs his best when he is allowed to be himself. Turning Cam into a pure pocket passer does not fit Cam. Frankly it might be impossible to do anyway this year with the current offensive line. I think Cam needs to be able to run. It allows him to feel more energy from the game and be more a part of it. When Cam ‘runs’ hot, look out. Things are about to happen.

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