Open Letter to Charles Barkley


Mr. Charles Barkley,

I am afraid you have been included in a crime that you do not yet know about. Your bosses at Turner sports have decided that the Charlotte Hornets are not deserving of the TNT treatment for any of their games in the upcoming season.

Now perhaps this is an oversight brought on by the fact that these self same Hornets were once known as the Charlotte Bobcats, but that is done now. Those derisive Bobcats were the seventh seed in the East last year. They did not have Lance Stephenson then, they do now. The Eastern Conference has seen the weakening of Miami, strengthening of Cleveland, and the woe of the Pacers. If anything, these new Hornets are going be heavily involved in the playoff picture. Yet TNT will not put them on even though they play teams like the Heat and Cavs multiple times over the course of the season.

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  • Mr. Barkley, your network is going to be late to the party, a party hosted by your good friend Michael Jordan no less. You and Kenny could make great television in a joint interview with Michael. Now you won’t have that opportunity.

    Perhaps you think I am being unfair to TNT. It is worth mentioning that the folks at ESPN only saw fit to show two games against the Raptors late in the season. However I can’t get excited for Sage Steele and Jalen Rose being the lead in to a Hornets game. I can get excited that Ernie, Kenny, Shaq, and yourself would be doing the Hornets game.

    For ten years the city of Charlotte has been a sort of basketball purgatory, and now we have a new rising of a purple and teal sun. We have a good team and good personnel management. We just want to share that with you and the rest of the world. The world that used to buy Hornets merchandise when it meant something.

    Mr. Barkley, I know that these decisions are out of your hands. However, you have great clout and what do you care about stepping on people’s toes? You aren’t anyone’s role model. Sway your bosses. Tell them that they just forgot that they were doing and there really is a Hornets game on the schedule. You can play golf at Quail Hollow with Michael, or not.

    Mr. Barkley, tear down this wall of non-coverage of the Hornets. Bring relief to the revived Hornets nation.

    Yours truly,
    John Woodcock