Ryan Lochte Pulls Out Of Charlotte Grand Prix


Ryan Lochte has pulled out of the Charlotte Grand Prix because lingering pain in his knee, but his chief rival, Michael Phelps, will still make an appearance in the event.

Lochte, and 11-time Olympics medalist, and Phelps were supposed to duel in the 100-meter butterfly on Friday night during the event, but another head-to-head competition between the two will have to wait. Lochte bested Phelps in Mesa, Arizona last month in the first competition for Phelps since he retired from swimming after the 2012 London Olympics.

Lochte moved to Charlotte recently to join the SwimMAC program and said that he still plans to attend the event to support his teammates and to sign autographs.

In a statement to the Charlotte Observer, Lochte expressed his disappointment in missing the event.

“It’s disappointing, definitely,” Lochte said in the statement. “I was really looking forward to swimming in Charlotte now that it’s my home, in front of all the SwimMAC fans. I still plan to be at the meet and will do my best to be a good host.”

Lochte injured his knee in a freak accident that involved one of his fans, who ran and jumped into his arms last November. The two fell down, and Lochte’s left knee hit a curb and he suffered a partial tear of the medial collateral ligament.

“We are going to exercise precautionary measures this weekend, as his knee continues to bother him,” Dr. Jason Bailey said in a press release. “We don’t want him to push through pain if that would be counterproductive to ongoing recovery. While we want him back quickly, we want him back safely as well.”