NC State Football Recruiting: I Love the Way You Ball


Football recruiting is one of the toughest, but most enjoyable things for a writer to cover. Today, I came across some very unusual recruiting news.

Dexter Wright – Instagram

The North Carolina State Wolfpack have a new coaching staff, and apparently that staff has a new way of recruiting. A highly unusual style of recruiting I might add. Yesterday, high school safety recruit Dexter Wright posted a picture of a letter on his Instagram account.

The letter is from North Carolina State’s Director of Player Personnel, coach Drew Hughes. And it reads as follows, exactly:

"“Dexter, What up big time?!! I just joined the staff here @ NC State and I wanted to drop a line and introduce myself & let you know I LOVE THE WAY YOU BALL!!! We need DIFFERENCE MAKERS to come in and MAKE AN INSTANT IMPACT! This place is unreal bro! CREATE your own legacy & lead the pack! – Coach Hughes”"

If that wasn’t strange enough, at the conclusion of the letter is a box. Inside the box is written: “NC STATE NEEDS = BALLERS | YOU = BALLER”

Apparently, Wright isn’t the only recruit on the Wolfpack’s radar to receive a letter from Coach Hughes just like this one.

Four star safety, CJ Reavis received a letter that was exactly the same word for word with the exception of the who it was addressed too.