NC State Basketball: Wolfpack Says No to New Adidas Uniforms


Just when you thought the Nike Pro Elite uniforms seen worn by North Carolina and Duke were ugly, you get proved wrong. You can take a look at the new uniform designs made by Adidas below. Thankfully, North Carolina State told Adidas that they would pass on them.

Photo: Adidas

Adidas again proves why Nike is so much more successful then they are as a company. While many laughed at their sleeved jerseys worn by Golden State in the NBA, I actually didn’t find them that bad. But these uniforms are a complete joke.

The animal stripe camouflage design in the shorts is just embarrassing and looks tacky. For Cincinnati, Kansas, UCLA, and Louisville, their jerseys don’t appear too different from their typical jerseys.

However, Notre Dame and Baylor’s stand out and give me a headache to be quite honest. They remind me of highlighting notes in my textbooks with a yellow or green highlighter.

When it comes to what I truly don’t like about the uniforms, it’s not the color choice, but rather that tacky animal stripe design in the shorts. It’s just not professional looking nor very appealing as a fan. Yes, the Notre Dame and Baylor could have chosen a better color, but it’s not why this design is a joke.