Charlotte Bobcats, Brooklyn Nets talking trade


According to a tweet yesterday from ESPN’s NBA Insider Chris Broussard, the Charlotte Bobcats and Brooklyn Nets are discussing a trade that would center around top scoring backup guard Ben Gordon and Kris Humphries, who is more famous for his very brief marriage with Kim Kardashian than his actual basketball skills.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Broussard added that there is “nothing imminent”, but he did say that talks are “ongoing”. The Bobcats are actively looking to add a big man, and that could be Humphries or former Portland Trail Blazers injury-prone (to put it very lightly) but highly effective center Greg Oden. The Bobcats could also get both players, because their frontcourt is just that bad.

I know I’ve said this before, but the point cannot be overstated; the Bobcats have the biggest gap of talent between their backcourt and frontcourt of any team in this league. Their backcourt is filled with depth, young talent, and bench scorers like Gordon. Meanwhile, the frontcourt is the worst in the NBA by some distance.

While Ben Gordon is a solid backup, he doesn’t have much of a place for the Bobcats especially with regards to the future of the team. He would be much more useful for the Nets given their less-crowded backcourt, as the Bobcats are having a difficult time giving enough minutes to go around. Although Humphries isn’t necessarily the best name available, he’s solid and brings some very good rebounding to the table (something the Bobcats need plenty of) that’s worth the expense of some poor ball screens.

The Bobcats also have no scoring options on the inside, and Humphries’s average of about 14 points per game to round out his double-double would also be a big upgrade for Charlotte. We’ll see how much legs this deal has, and it could be a solid flip for both teams.

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