Carolina Panthers hire Ken Dorsey


The Carolina Panthers filled their void at offensive coordinator by promoting quarterbacks coach Mike Shula to the position left by current Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski, and they have now replaced the hole on the coaching staff left by Shula. Former quarterback Ken Dorsey was hired by the Carolina Panthers yesterday to be the next quarterbacks coach.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Having a former QB around who played from 2004-2008 as the QBs coach is a solid asset for Cam Newton and the Panthers, and Dorsey previously served as an advance scout with the organization. In those five seasons, he spent three years with the Browns and two with the San Francisco 49ers as a former seventh round draft choice who was a big star for the Miami Hurricanes in college.

Dorsey was the guy who trained Newton leading up to Newton’s selection as the first pick by the Panthers in the draft, and that led to a full-time job with the organization as the advanced scout. It sounds like Dorsey works well with Newton, and I think part of that reason is Newton (like most players) loves to be coached by a guy who played the game at his position and knows what he is going through. Both players share the common link of being former star QBs in college for big programs, but the links end there.

Still, I can’t help but like the hire since I’m a sucker for former QBs coaching the position, provided they work well with the QBs they are coaching. Dorsey comes across as someone who can help give his expertise to QBs, and we know for sure that Dorsey worked well with Newton and helped mentor him in the pre-draft process. He also has experience as a talent evaluator, and it sounds like he was a pretty good one.

He may not have any coaching experience, but everyone has to get their start somewhere, right? Interesting note, Dorsey was coached by Chud at the U and during his NFL days with the Browns. Dorsey is just 31, and I have a feeling Newton will listen to a young guy whose playing days are fresh even more. Man, I am loving this hire and Dorsey was one heckuva player while with the Hurricanes.

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