North Carolina State Wolfpack vs. Norfolk State Spartans Preview


The No. 25 North Carolina State Wolfpack have an easy game in store when they take on the Norfolk State Spartans tonight, and it’s pretty much a guarantee that Richard Howell will be in for a huge day. The man has simply been a monster this season with a ridiculous 33.2 PER that stems from his brutal efficiency so far this season. Howell is putting up 14.4 points per game and is dominating the post to the tune of 8.4 boards per game. In my opinion, only Virginia Tech’s Erick Green has had a bigger impact in the ACC so far this season.

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Norfolk State is going to be completely overwhelmed in this game, and they will likely give up more than 80 points to an N.C. State offense that is one of the best in the country. Meanwhile, the Spartans defense is inept with only about three players measuring up to being more than adequate defensively.

The Spartans are led by junior big man Brandon Goode, who leads the team with an 18.8 PER and has been the team’s most valuable player on both offense and defense due to his efficiency and terrific 1.4 blocks per game average. Goode is only the fifth best scorer on the team as far as points per game go, but he is the clear leader in true shooting percentage.

Watch out for Rashid Gaston on the inside, as he averages just over seven rebounds per game and doesn’t try to take shots he know he can’t make. He is a terrible shooter, but he doesn’t take shots that require him to have to shoot with much proficiency.

T.J. Warren’s effective field goal percentage is a ridiculous 70.7%, and he leads the team with an average of 1.34 points per possession. Those numbers show just how much of an impact he has had on the team, and the only reason why C.J. Leslie has been more valuable is due to Leslie’s defense. Well, that is a pretty big reason given that Leslie is averaging nearly two combined blocks and steals per game and has the second best DRtg on the team (just behind Howell).

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