NHL Lockout: NHL Cancels Games Through December


Well it’s been a long and tough off season for hockey and Carolina Hurricane fans this year and it just got longer yet again.

The National Hockey League has announced that it will be next year before fans could see the NHL stars on ice. So for fans, the lockout continues and the frustration continues to build among the players, teams, league and most importantly the fans.

So far in this year’s lockout 422 regular season games have been canceled through December 14th. On Day 86 of the lockout, 104 additional games have now been canceled. Included in those games being canceled are the New Year’s Day Winter Classic and the NHL All-Star Game. That is a total of 526 games canceled for the 2012-13 which accounts for 43 percent of the regular season.

It appeared that the unions were close to agreeing on a new deal on Thursday, but after both parties had submitted new proposals, the deal fell flat immediate and now the negotiations are back to square one!

The most recent offer from the league included five-year contract term limits, a 10-year CBA and compliance on the transition rules.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said during a press conference today that he did not see the league playing a season that would be shorter than 48 games. So, if the lockout reaches that point, you can expect that the stars of the NHL will not return to the ice until the fall of 2013.

As for Carolina Hurricane fans, head on up to Raleigh to see your Junior Hurricanes play and get your local hockey fix!