Charlotte Bobcats blown out by Bucks: Game Notes


The Charlotte Bobcats got it handed to them by the Milwaukee Bucks 108-93, with their starting bigs combining for just seven points and a -22 on the day.

Benny Sieu-USA Today Sports

1. Mike Dunlap says he’s discussing it but has been noncommital about finally placing Gerald Henderson in the starting lineup. He’s been playing at a high level since coming off of the injury and was arguably the best player on the Bobcats in the loss (Kemba Walker was also great). He put up a team-high 19 points, and it’s clear to me that rookie Jeff Taylor has no business starting over Henderson right now. Henderson is fine, whereas Taylor put up an ugly 1-10 line. He won’t always miss all five of his three pointers, but he’s more of a solid bench player than a starter. He’s been very good as a rookie with his shooting an defense, but it’s time to give back those minutes to Henderson; the wait is over.

2. I think the stats I listed above regarding Byron Mullens and Brendan Haywood are enough, with Mullens getting a pass due to leaving for an injury. He actually didn’t play as poorly as people will have you think, and it was really Haywood who disappointed me more. Bismarck Biyombo couldn’t shoot (1-7), but boy was he a force on the boards and as a defender (four blocks). Haywood is supposed to be that defensive presence, but he hasn’t provided anything. It’s time for Biyombo to replace him. To be fair, Haywood played in only nine minutes so Biyombo technically started over him.

3. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist had another double-double, and it’s hard to believe that he was scared that he wouldn’t be good enough for the NBA.

4. Is Ben Gordon finally coming back to earth? He missed four treys and finished shooting 33% from the floor. Both he and Taylor were inefficient as shooters in this one.

5. The disparity between Charlotte’s talent in the backcourt and frontcourt is absolutely ridiculous. The depth in the backcourt is absolutely outstanding, while there isn’t much talent at all among the big men.

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