Sources: Larry Fedora Has Not and Will Not Interview with Tennessee


After the firing of Derek Dooley at the University of Tennessee, rumors of their next coach began to run rapidly and that included North Carolina’s new coach Larry Fedora.

Nov 15, 2012; Charlottesville, VA, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels head coach Larry Fedora against the Virginia Cavaliers during the second half at Scott Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

This obviously did not and still does not sit well with Tar Heel fans across the state and country. Fedora has set a new tone for a new era of Carolina football and has the fan base excited. He just completed his first season with an 8-4 record despite sanctions, penalties, and bowl bans. That’s pretty impressive for a first year coach at his new school.

So why wouldn’t a school like Tennessee be interested?

However, I think we all need to just sit and relax about it because Fedora isn’t going anywhere…according to sources.

An anonymous source from within the UNC Athletic Department has reported to numerous news and media outlets that the University of Tennessee has not even contacted UNC about giving permission for Fedora to interview for the job.

In fact, several of his 2013 recruits have been unsettled about these reports and have told followers on Twitter they spoke with Coach Fedora and were reassured he will not be leaving or even entertain that idea. One recruits even tweeted that Fedora is in NYC this week.

Even if these reports are inaccurate look at things from Fedora’s viewpoint.

If Fedora were to leave UNC for Tennessee or any other job before the 15th of January next year, he would have to pay UNC $2.35 million. That’s more than his entire salary with the school which is $1.7 million. Now if he leaves between Jan. 16 of 2014 and Jan. 15, 2015, his buyout then goes down to just $1 million.

So is coaching for one of the weaker SEC teams really worth $2.35 million? Absolutely not. Ignore the Fedora is going to leave for the Vols rumors, because its hard to believe he would. It doesn’t add up.